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The best choreographer in Central Florida "Cheer4Choreo"...now you can work with World Champion choreographer Kelly Vallante.

Acrobatics Coach Jax Jeffries (Hawaii Pacific University) on CHEER4CHOREO LIVE Interview! Kelly and Jax discuss the College Acrobatics scene.  It's an emerging new sport for top level female athletes that gives many an opportunity to compete at the highest level
Kelly V Cheer Fitness Vlog 8 (CHEER4CHOREO) Watch Kelly V. go through her entire WOD (Workout of the day) 21-15-9 Power Snatch 21-15-9 Push Press Power Cleans cheerspiritnetwork.com/ cheer4choreo.com/
CHEER4CHOREO Show #3 New England Patriots Cheerleader Khamare Farrar Interview 051217 Kelly V. interviews Khamare Farrar about her experience in cheer from childhood to Pro Dancer and New England Patriots Cheerleader.   Khamare's heartfelt story is one of dedication and...

Kelly V Vlog 5 (CHEER4CHOREO)

Kelly V Vlog 5 (CHEER4CHOREO) Watch Kelly V. get busy doing squats and jumps until complete exhaustion. Follow Kelly V's yearlong journey to peak physical fitness by subscribing or following:) cheerspiritnetwork.com cheer4choreo.com



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