A War Worth Fighting For Instrumental – Legal Cheer Music


A War Worth Fighting For Instrumental – Legal Cheer Music Buy and License Here: legalcheermusic.com/product/a-… Legal Cheer Music has been offering the cheerleading world 100% original and licensed USA Approved music and mixes since 2013! www.legalcheermusic.com License this track for a custom mix now only $1.29. Music can be used for one custom mix and any performance videos as per USA Cheer Guidelines. You may also purchase full commercial (Social Media/website/Youtube) sync rights for only $5 more or full Broadcast Sync (Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Streaming) for only $25. Legal Cheer Music is now offering “Music Production” services to the greater cheer music producer community. This means we will produce an original piece of music for only you, or a sound alike (music only currently), and you will retain full buyout rights for any cheer/dance/gymnastics performance based usage including commercial use…for only $100 per track. *Any online music/track sales over 10,000 via Itunes/Amazon/other online retailer will incur a 20% royalty per song…God willing:) Contact us at cheerleadingmusic@yahoo.com with any questions. www.legalcheermusic.com www.cheerleadingdancemusic.com www.premadecheermixes.com www.cheervo.com www.cheerloops.com www.cheerleadingsoundeffects.com www.cheerspiritnetwork.com www.cheer4choreo.com www.hiphopcheermusic.com www.elitecheermusic.com www.fullcustomdiamondcheermixewww.custompremadecheermixes.com

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